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Are There Peaceful Ways of Resolving International Conflicts?

The world is changing fast, but some types of conflicts between nations remain the same for decades. While the patterns of international policy in some countries have come unstuck, the others have it the same way. Despite a great range of significant changes that have taken place around the world in the past years, a number of international conflicts have remained the same. Advanced democratization, constant efforts of the international management of security policy, increasing globalization, and a multitude of other changes cannot eliminate a range of world conflicts that frequently occur between some countries.
The only question everyone asks is whether there are peaceful ways to resolve such international conflicts. Following the world experience, there are several most effective ways to end international conflicts peacefully. Communication and negotiation are the two forms of interaction that can advance the process and help to find the appropriate solution. The notion of cognitive resolution should also be taken into account. Both parties should strive to understand the reasons for conflict and find ways out of it.
Conflict resolution is a question that should bother not only representatives of the international development department but also students, who are working on the international policy degree. Instead of asking, “Who can write my research paper on conflict resolving?” the students should take maximum effort to conduct efficient research on the topic and find beneficial ways to deal with the international conflicts peacefully. The results of the studies have shown that there are several most efficient ways to diffuse the situation and reach an agreement, no matter how complicated it is. Generally, there are five most common peaceful ways to resolve international conflicts.

Avoid the Conflict

One of the most important and efficient ways to resolve the conflict is to avoid it. This is the beneficial tactic that may help different countries avoid serious issues that can lead to more serious challenges. Students who are studying to get a degree in international affairs should investigate the ways to avoid or withdraw minor to serious conflicts with other countries.

Give In

It takes much courage and strategic thinking to acknowledge and accept the conditions offered by the other party. Although it may seem as your side is letting the other party have its way, in fact, it is your chance to avoid devastating conflict and serious international disagreements.

Stand Your Ground

If the international conflict is serious and your side has a committed position, it is important to stand your ground no matter what. Negotiation and interaction with the representatives of other countries may help you succeed and get a significant reward.


Although a compromise is not always the best way to deal with the conflict, it is one of the most common strategies to resolve international problems. Find the common point with your counterpart and achieve the desired peace.


Have you ever asked somebody, “Will you help me write my essay, and I will do shopping for you, in return?” as you have been at college? Then, you understand what collaboration is. Creative thinking, a high level of consciousness, and responsibility are the most important factors that may contribute to the solution of the most drastic international conflicts.